This website contains market prices (MARKET) & book values (BOOK) for every widely released professional wrestling trading card set.

market price: This is the current suggested price you should pay for the wrestling trading card under consideration. It is best used as a measuring device that lets you know what this same card has been, by and large, selling for under current market conditions, usually as determined by recent eBay auctions.

book value: This is the projected worth and intrinsic value of the card itself. Book value is often referred to as the real value of the card. When purchasing a card, this value allows you to assess the potential gain or investment value you are receiving on the card at the present time.

Quite often the two prices offer a suggested range of what you might reasonably expect in the market. You can consider it as a low to high range estimate.

The number of individual cards in each complete or base set is provided in brackets. The prices stated are for all the cards in the set. In cases where the base set contains many individual cards of value, they have been separately listed.

This website does not include pricing for:

  • Parallel Insert, Parallel Memorabilia or Parallel Autograph Cards
  • Unofficial Autograph Cards
  • Superfractor Cards or 1/1s
  • Single Wrestler Cards that are not part of a larger wrestling set
  • Raw Deal Collectible Card Game Cards
  • Mexican Luche Libre Cards
  • Amateur Wrestling, Sumo Wrestling or Mixed Martial Arts
  • Stickers (unless part of a larger card set)
  • Digital Cards
  • Printing Plates

All prices provided are for raw or ungraded cards in mint or near mint condition. Having certain cards professionally graded can increase their value exponentially.

Prices provided are for settled market. When a new release first comes out, prices often are quite high and then settle down over time.

Some of the sets listed in this guide are unlicensed and were released without the proper copyrights having been obtained. These often turn up in Asia and other foreign countries. These sets have all been marked as “unofficial”.

All market prices and book values for memorabilia cards are based on single colored swatch pieces being attached to the card. For multiple color swatches, multiple the single color card price by the number of distinct colors.

In the wrestling trading card hobby, the economic laws of supply and demand are applicable just as they are to any other field where a commodity is bought, sold, or traded in a free, unregulated market. The demand at any time for a wrestling card can be influenced by:

  1. The age of the card itself
  2. The number of cards printed
  3. The popularity of the wrestler on the card
  4. The attractiveness and popularity of the set it comes from
  5. The physical condition of the card itself

In general, the value of the card will be higher, the older the card, the fewer number of cards printed, the more famous the wrestler and the better the condition it is in. Card condition is a big deal for serious collectors which is why graded cards will always be valued higher.

Many casual collectors are often only interested in the biggest stars. A paradoxical situation can exist in the price of a complete set vs the combined cost of the individual cards in the set. Usually, the sum of the prices for the individual cards is higher than the cost for the complete set. This is often the case for rookie or “first appearance” cards, which is why many are sent for grading.  Also, many of the earlier sets from the 80s experience this as well.

A wrestling trading card, just like any other trading card, cannot have its market price or book value calculated solely by the prices on ebay. There are a myriad of ways to acquire trading cards of all types, including wrestling trading cards. It is important for collectors of wrestling trading cards to understand that just because a given card sells on an auction site for one price does not mean that is the true market price of that given card. Trading cards of all types are found for sale in many other places beyond online auction sites. One must remember that nobody can be on a computer 24 hours a day, to bid on any given card for any long duration of time. The card that sells on auction today for ‘x’ amount of dollars might sell higher or lower just a day or two day later due to a larger base of buyers being able to spare the time to actually place a bid on that exact card. That is why it is important to recognize that there is a mass marketplace out there where more than just online bidding is taking place, and this very much factors into the overall pricing and valuation of the cards.

The publishers of this website are master wrestling card collectors who have spent years of their time, money, and effort into researching the wrestling card market to bring to you the most comprehensive set lists, video flip-throughs and accurate pricing ever published online – all free of charge. We hope that you find this website useful and enjoy the wrestling trading card hobby as much as we have over the years.